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The Art of the Office – Launching our BR Places: Gallery

When we stumbled on a painting of a couple standing in front of our building created by local artist Rebecca Fox, we knew we had to add it to our art collection! And that discovery launched us into a new initiative called the BR Places: Gallery, designed to highlight the work of local artists and create unique marketing and sales opportunities for our company. Read more…

Cargas and 101NQ, Create Art, Mitigate Risk, Projects

Creating Shared Success with Cargas and 101NQ

The Bulova building in Lancaster is being transformed into a stunning new retail, office, and residential space called 101NQ, which will transform the architectural landscape of the block and create new economic opportunities for our downtown neighborhood. Benjamin Roberts has the privilege of providing the office furniture for the 101NQ anchor tenant, Cargas. Check it out!

Create Art, Mitigate Risk, Products

Just a Few of Our Favorite Things…

Let’s face it – there are A TON of workplace furniture options out there, from desks to chairs to storage units to lounge furniture to school desks to healthcare seating and on and on! They are all different, catering to the unique needs of your individual workplace and employees, clients, or students. To help give […]

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Reducing Plastic in Our Oceans with Office Furniture!

By now, we’ve probably all seen the disturbing headlines and videos on social media – plastic pollution in our oceans is harming and killing marine life at an alarming rate. And when we eat seafood, those tiny pieces of plastic that have been ingested by the fish in the ocean are entering our bodies, as […]