Trend Alert – Resimercial Design for the Modern Workplace

What if work could look and feel a little more like home while still fostering the collaboration, creativity, and innovation necessary to excel in the workplace?

There’s a new buzzword for that approach to workplace design – resimercial. Resimercial design combines the durability and usability of commercial furniture with the colors, lines, and textures of casual residential furniture.

resimercial seating around a fireplace at harrisburg area community college
Comfort and pops of color around this stunning fireplace at Harrisburg Area Community College make this spot a warm and relaxing place to chat with fellow students or study.

So, does resimercial design have any measurable positive impact on workplace culture and company success? Recent research conducted by Contract Consulting Group for National Office Furniture suggests that it does! In this article in Work Design Magazine that summarized the findings of Contract Consulting Group’s surveys of A&D professionals and interviews with design industry influencers, author Amanda Schneider writes:

“During the survey, it was revealed that the top three drivers of a casual workplace interior include the attraction and retention of employees, a more advantageous work/life balance and increased wellness. And what’s more, 94 percent of respondents said these design principles are here to stay. Perhaps it’s because people are spending more time at work, resulting in the desire to create a more comfortable atmosphere. Or perhaps it’s because we are realizing that, to attract great talent, we must not overlook the power of atmosphere. Either way, it’s clear that the tangible benefits of resimercial design are driving its demand.”

soft seating table and planters at cargas systems
Lots of plants, gorgeous and expansive downtown Lancaster views, and a comfortable spot for collaboration make this casual meeting area a welcome retreat in the beautiful open offices at Cargas Systems.

So when it comes to achieving goals of improved recruitment and retention of talented team members, reducing healthcare costs by fostering employee wellness, and saving money by combining outfitting your workplace with furniture and investing in the enhancement of your internal culture and aesthetic, here are some beautiful, sustainable furniture solutions available from our Benjamin Roberts team:

Park Seating, Tables, Storage, and Planters by Allsteel


Designed in collaboration with Norm Architects, Park introduces new ways to create active work zones in sought-after, open collaborative areas through varied seating heights, table levels, and movable planters. Each piece in the collection works well as installed, but it can also easily be moved to adapt to the ever-changing needs of dynamic office environments.

Lochlyn Space Dividers and Storage by National Office Furniture


This innovative storage and shelf system provides a variety of opportunities. Its metal frame design can be built to be small in stature or grand in size, depending on the users’ needs and space. With the capacity to accept cubbies with open top, open front, or pass through abilities, along with trays and shelves, Lochlyn creates spaces and places.

Humanscale Trea Chair

humanscale trea chair

Created in collaboration with visionary designer Todd Bracher, Humanscale’s Trea is a multipurpose chair with a sophisticated design that embodies versatility. Trea offers intuitive comfort through an innovative solid state recline mechanism, while its fresh yet classic aesthetic provides stylish support in office and home interiors. Available with a variety of base, finish and upholstery options, Trea can be customized for use in a variety of spaces.

Want to learn more about how resimercial furniture can help your organization achieve your goals? Contact our Benjamin Roberts team at 717-291-1001.