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Cargas Project Update – Furniture Installation is Underway!

101NQ is part of a large-scale project to vastly improve an integral piece of the downtown Lancaster experience and economy. And we have the privilege of supply office furniture design, sales, and installation for the 101NQ anchor client, Cargas! 


5 Common Health Conditions that May be Caused by Your Workspace

Did you know one of the ways we wind up with nerve- and tendon-related injuries is by working in an office? It may sound surprising, but without ergonomically-correct office furniture, accessories, and postures, something as simple as using a mouse or typing can cause serious injuries over time. Here are 5 common conditions that may […]

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Renewed Purpose. Remarkable Service.

“People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it,” Simon Sinek so famously said. At Benjamin Roberts, we believe that people who are inspired to do good, empowered to excel, and equipped with the right resources and relationships can transform their workplaces and communities for the better. But up until 2018, we […]