What’s the Difference Between Working with a Contract Workplace Furniture Dealer and Ordering and Installing Furniture Yourself?

Are you a DIY kind of person? Maybe you like to craft your own home décor or fix your car, yourself. If you are, that’s great! But it may not be the best way to approach a workplace furniture project, particularly on a large scale.

It’s no surprise that there are A LOT of variables to consider and manage when you need to select, purchase, install, and maintain workplace furniture and architectural interior products. And while the internet promises quick, inexpensive, and shipped right to your door, it can’t help you sort through the endless product options on the market, ensure what is ordered will fit in your space and meet your technology and flexibility needs, or properly assemble and install all of those little parts and pieces when your products arrive.


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We put together a list comparing working with a dealer and ordering and installing furniture yourself. Keep these things in mind when deciding how best to accomplish your workplace design goals:


When Working with a Dealer:

  • You have access to a team of experts in product design, project management, ordering, installation, and maintenance, who partner with your project team to manage all aspects of your furniture and architectural interior products needs from start to finish.
  • Designers, Project Managers, and Sales Team Members help you properly measure and evaluate your space and your needs to ensure you are ordering the right products for your project the first time.
  • Order entry professionals handle the highly detailed and meticulous task of ordering all the individual products, parts, and pieces for you.
  • Your Project Manager and Salesperson coordinate shipment, warehousing, and delivery of your products in an organized manner, making installation run smoothly and on time.
  • A team of professional furniture installers delivers and installs your products, taking care of any issues as they arise and ensuring products are properly and safely assembled and in the right places.
  • You have access to professionals who can manage warranty and repair issues over the long term.


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When You Manage Your Project, Yourself:

  • You measure and evaluate your space, then sift through thousands upon thousands of available products to try to find the right thing in the right color and the right size for your space.
  • You order all the products.
  • You track delivery of products, find a place to store them until everything you need arrives, and then assemble and install everything.
  • If products are damaged, you handle all the returns.
  • If issues arise over the long haul, you handle repairs and warranty/maintenance issues.

If you are already an expert in workplace furniture and architectural interior products design, ordering, and installation, and if you have a capable team of people on staff, managing the project yourself may be a viable option for your organization. But, if you don’t have access to the resources and expertise you need, working with a dealer is a great option to help you achieve your goals without losing your mind in the process!

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