A Bright Idea for Killing Viruses at Work

UV Lighting was discovered in the late 19th century as a virus killer and has been used to inactivate viruses in numerous industries for decades. So the experts at ZGO Technologies decided to leverage the disinfecting power of UV lighting to help kill viruses on shared office worksurfaces, as well! Introducing the UVIO Disinfecting Light!



What It Is

Their new UVIO Disinfecting Light discreetly mounts right to the top of your computer monitor and provides direct UVC light disinfection for your worksurface and anything on it within a 48″ x 24″ area. UVIO has been tested to kill 99.9% of pathogens, including Covid-19, after two hours of use.


computer monitor with mounted UVIO Light shining on desktop


How It Works

In order to protect users, The UVC Light is activated for two hours every night when the building is unoccupied, as UVC light can be harmful if directly exposed to the skin and eyes. UVIO also has a Dual Safety System that includes heat and proximity sensors that automatically shut the light down if anyone is working late and in the vicinity of the light. An encrypted Wi-Fi app, set up one time, activates all UVIO lights in an organization, making the system convenient and easy to control.


office benching and chairs at night with UVIO lights on monitors on and shining on desktops


Why It Matters

The need for safety in the office, along with the cost and disruption of a viral outbreak to businesses, means an effective virus mitigation strategy is more important now than ever. No one single tactic is 100% effective against viruses, meaning you need a multilayered approach to prevent the spread of infection. Coupling your manual cleaning procedures with the UVIO light can help keep your employees healthy and your business up and running successfully.


closeup of UVIO light on top of computer monitor


Learn More

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