Renewed Purpose. Remarkable Service.

“People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it,” Simon Sinek so famously said.

At Benjamin Roberts, we believe that people who are inspired to do good, empowered to excel, and equipped with the right resources and relationships can transform their workplaces and communities for the better. But up until 2018, we had never put that belief into words. And while we were successful without a clearly defined “why” in the past, an increasingly crowded market with many worthy competitors meant we needed to find a new way to set ourselves apart.

The turning point came when we were nominated by a client for Samaritan Counseling Center’s Ethics in Business Award. As we went through the Award process, we discovered that, while we had remarkable employee satisfaction scores and had done a lot of good things for our employee team, clients, and the local community, no one had ever taken time to write any of those things down. On top of that, while our number of employees had grown over the years, our employee handbook had not been updated to reflect the changes that come with managing growth, a positive internal culture, and employee expectations.

ethics in business award

Our first step towards “discovering our why” was to create a purpose statement, set of values, and series of brand habits designed to strengthen our business and grow our positive impact on the people we care about. After researching best practices, gathering data about our customers from reviews, customer satisfaction surveys, and conversations, and holding several discussions with our employees to gather feedback and ideas, our new purpose statement, values list, and brand habits were crafted. And here they are:

purpose and values infographic

Of course, the next question is what do we do with this information now that we have it written down? Well, stay tuned here on our blog and on social media, this year, and you may just see things like “B Corp Certification,” sustainability, ergonomics and employee wellness, supporting the arts, and other key phrases starting to pop up more and more frequently. In the meantime, thanks for your support of our company and for all the incredible things you and your organization do to make our community even better!

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