Just a Few of Our Favorite Things…

Let’s face it – there are A TON of workplace furniture options out there, from desks to chairs to storage units to lounge furniture to school desks to healthcare seating and on and on!

They are all different, catering to the unique needs of your individual workplace and employees, clients, or students. To help give you just a taste of what is out there and available to you through Benjamin Roberts, we asked our salespeople what their favorite BR products are. Here are just a few of the answers:

Brock Miller: Allsteel’s Altitude Height-Adjustable Desk – “I love the adaptive and active nature of this product.”


Available in a variety of tabletop shapes and finish options, Altitude Height-Adjustable Desks by Allsteel effortlessly raise and lower with the touch of a button. We have a special offer on Altitude running right now! Click HERE to learn more.

Joyce Gross – HON’s Ignition and Ignition 2.0 Chairs – “You can’t go wrong with the Hon Ignition and Ignition 2.0 chairs. They are very comfortable, can adjust to most body types, and are well-priced.”


We all want comfort from our office chair. But what about style? Customizable control? Advanced features? You’ve got them all in the Ignition Task Chair. Learn more on HON’s website, HERE.

Rob Bomberger – National’s Kozmic Collaborative Collection – “I enjoy people watching in public spaces and how they choose to use space. Think about airports, libraries, higher educational community/study spaces, coffee shops, and even a shopping mall. How do people hang out, both by themselves and in groups? Do they rearrange the furniture to work for what they want to do?  How often are they looking to plug in their personal electronics?  How does the space/furniture support how people hang out, work, and communicate with eachother? Along comes Kozmic, and you think about the same questions and start designing a space.”

Students Using Kozmic_1.jpg

The Kozmic collaborative collection is a versatile solution for open plan spaces. With a combination of spines, seating, and tables, Kozmic provides the ability to configure a solution that is comfortable for sitting, leaning, standing, and perching. Interact, focus, power up, or touch down with Kozmic. Learn more on National’s website, HERE.

So, that’s a few of our favorite things from some of our sales team members. Interested in learning more? Email us, or call 717.291-1001.

What are a few of your favorite kinds of office furniture?