Creating Shared Success with Cargas and 101NQ

If you’ve driven by the old Bulova building on the corner of Queen and Orange Streets in Lancaster, recently, you know that the team from LeFevre Funk Architects Inc. and  Warfel Construction is slowly chipping away at the tired brick exterior, transforming the architectural landscape of the block and creating new opportunities for economic success in our downtown neighborhood!

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The stunning new structure taking the place of the Bulova building is called 101NQ and will feature retail spaces, offices, and private residences. The anchor tenant for the project is Cargas Systems, a Lancaster-based company that helps businesses implement customer relationship management, accounting, and enterprise resource planning solutions.

So where do we come in? We’ve been selected as the contract office furniture dealer for the Cargas space at 101NQ! As we go, we’ll share updates on the process and progress of the project. Check out what we’ve done so far in the timeline, below, and look for more updates over the next several months!


The Cargas Project – A Timeline


Step 1 – Fall 2017 – Cargas held a one-hour meeting with representatives from five dealerships. The representative from Benjamin Roberts was Sales Team member Brock Miller. After that meeting, they narrowed it down to two dealerships.

Step 2 –  Cargas provided company growth projections, rough workspace needs, and cultural priorities, along with the 101NQ floorplan, to the two dealerships.

Step 3 – December 2017 – Each dealership delivered a two-hour formal presentation centered on the procurement process, design concepts, and budget projections.

Step 4 – Early 2018 to the Present – A winner was named, and it was us! Then came space planning and furniture design with our BR team working parallel to the architect. The process included initial design meetings with the Cargas internal planning team, a survey of and meetings with the entire Cargas staff to assess needs and gather ideas, and continued design meetings with the internal team to work towards a final furniture plan.


Once plans are finalized and the 101NQ building is complete, the furniture we order will be delivered and installed by our BR team of Installers, and Cargas can enjoy their new workplace! But in the meantime, stay tuned for updates on the exciting things happening at the 101NQ Cargas project.

Want to know more about the contract furniture process? Comment, below, or give us a call at 717-291-1001.