Art with Heart for Your Workplace

Just one block away from our office is a hive of energy, creativity, and color where talented artists create masterpieces, defy odds, and break down stereotypes and barriers every day.

Artists Working in Showroom
Tim, Jelani, Mary Lou, and their instructor, Garrett, in our showroom gleaning some inspiration for the custom artwork we commissioned for our permanent Benjamin Roberts Gallery collection

I’m talking, of course, about Friendship Heart Gallery (FHG), “…an extension of Friendship Community, which provides value through artistic expression to Artists with intellectual disabilities.”

FHG provides individuals with intellectual disabilities in our local community with the opportunity to hone their artistic skills and market and sell their work from their Gallery at 118 N Water Street in Lancaster and from exhibits located at other businesses and organizations in the community, like the exhibit that just opened in our Benjamin Roberts showroom!

Art Exhibit Installation
The team from Friendship Heart Gallery setting up the FHG art exhibit in our showroom at 240 N Prince Street in Lancaster – come check it out!
Emily and Tim from FHG
Emily and Tim are two of the talented Heart Artists whose work is featured at our BR showroom FHG art exhibit.
FHG Artwork
Snag these pieces and more for your own workplace at our showroom in downtown Lancaster!

Check out the video of the exhibit installation and the pieces now for sale at our showroom, below (all proceeds from the sale of these pieces go to FHG – we’re just here to help). And view the FHG Artwork for sale, Here.

We also commissioned several pieces from Friendship Heart Gallery that will be a part of our permanent Benjamin Roberts Gallery collection. They will be here in a few weeks, and we can’t wait to show them to you in an upcoming blog post!

In the meantime, be sure to swing by our showroom (240 N Prince Street, Lancaster – parking is in the back off of Water Street), to check out this amazing art work for yourself, and purchase some pieces for your own workplace!

See you soon!