10 Last Minute Lancaster Gift Ideas from Our Neighborhood

We talk a lot at Benjamin Roberts about how a company’s choice of furniture can impact internal culture and success, from encouraging collaboration to providing greater access to technology anywhere in the office to creating a beautiful and comfortable place to get things done! Another way to create a positive company culture is to show your appreciation for your employees, co-workers, and clients in meaningful ways.

So, since we’re still a week away from Christmas, we thought we would help you out by showcasing a few of our downtown Lancaster neighbors whose products and services would make great gifts for your work family!

A Few of Our BR Team’s Favorite Things (in No Particular Order)

Dinner at Ma(i)son

We might as well start with our neighbors immediately next door to our downtown Lancaster showroom on Prince Street! Dinner at this local “Urban Cookery” is a delicious way to show your clients and colleagues that you care.


Dessert at Penny’s 

Just few doors down from our office is Penny’s brick and mortar ice cream shop (they have a food truck, ice cream cart, and kiosk at the mall, too!). You can’t go wrong with a gift of locally-made ice cream in all kinds of yummy flavors!


Lunch at Rachel’s Cafe & Creperie

Two words. Nutella. Mocha. Soooooo good, and the food is wonderful, too. These neighbors are just around the corner from us on Walnut Street – you can’t miss their cheerful yellow building and beautiful new patio!

Rachel's Cafe & Creperie

Coffee at Lancaster County Coffee Roasters (and Basically Everything Else You Can Find at Lancaster Central Market)

We have quite a few coffee drinkers around our office, and quite a few regulars at Lancaster Central Market, as well, so we can easily recommend this downtown Lancaster landmark as a great place for locally-made gifts! That’s a Peppermint Bark coffee you see, below. Yum! And you can also get coffee beans, K-Cups, and more at the Market stand.

Lancaster County Coffee Roasters and Central Market

Tickets to the Fulton Theatre

Tickets for a show at this Lancaster County landmark just a few blocks away from BR is another fun and entertaining gift idea for your clients, co-workers, or employees.

Fulton Theatre

Coffee at Passenger Coffee

Like I said, we have quite a few coffee drinkers on our BR team, and another of our many local favorites are these neighbors a few blocks away on King Street. We love this ethical company that knows their coffee – a delightful gift option for your caffeine-loving colleagues!

Passenger Coffee

Lunch at Roburrito’s

These guys are right across Prince Street from us, and a regular spot for our employees to grab some lunch. So glad to have them in our neighborhood – check them out!


Popped Anything at The Pop’D Shop

Popcorn. Poptoast. SodaPop. Popsicles. Locally sourced and handcrafted. We just bought some of their popcorn bags as a giveaway for a holiday networking event, and boy was it worth it! Swing by their new Shop on The 300 Block of North Queen Street (and check out the other great shops on the block, as well)!

The Pop'D Shop

Artwork from Friendship Heart Gallery and Candy and Ice Cream from Miesse Candies & Ice Cream Parlor

You can’t beat a one-stop shopping opportunity like this one! These two neighbors a block away on Water Street share an entrance and have a variety of gift options to satisfy an art lover or a co-worker with a sweet tooth! (P.S. We also have some Friendship Heart Gallery art for sale in our showroom, for anyone who might be interested in supporting the work of this amazing local non-profit organization that provides opportunities to individuals with disability and autism.)

Friendship Heart Gallery and Miesse Candies and Ice Cream Parlor

So there you have it! We hope you are inspired to do a little local holiday shopping from our awesome downtown Lancaster friends and neighbors. All the best to you in the New Year!